Shadow Sands (Kate Marshall Series #2, UK & Commonwealth edition)

Shadow Sands, the second book in Robert Bryndza’s worldwide bestselling Kate Marshall series will be published 3rd November 2020. Click here to pre-order your copy! 

The internationally bestselling author of Nine Elms and The Girl in the Ice Robert Bryndza is back with a nail-biting new Kate Marshall case, a woman with a dark secret and a powerful sense of justice.

“Sharply written and wonderfully wrought, this crime thriller sings with every twist and builds to a more-than-satisfying bang.” —Publishers Weekly

“With its delightful detective duo, Bryndza’s refreshing, twisty thriller stays upbeat even in dark moments.” Kirkus Reviews

When Kate Marshall finds the bloated body of a young man floating in the Shadow Sands reservoir, the authorities label it a tragic accident.

But the details don’t add up: why was the victim there, in the middle of the night? If he was such a strong swimmer, how did he drown?

Kate is certain there is more to this case than meets the eye. As she and her research assistant Tristan Harper dig deeper, they discover a bloody trail that points towards an active serial killer hiding in plain sight. People have been silently disappearing for years, and when another woman is taken, Kate and Tristan have a matter of days to save her from meeting the same fate.