Book Club Questions

Thank you to all the readers who have contacted me on Facebook to say they have featured The Girl in the Ice as part of their book groups and book clubs.GIRL IN ICE 1-4I’ve put these book club questions together, and they have been tried and tested by a couple of book groups who have given them the thumbs up. Feel free to contact me with feedback or pictures of your book group, I would love to hear from you! I am also working on book club questions for The Night Stalker and Dark Water, and this page will be updated shortly.
Rob Bryndza


The fabulous ladies from a book club in Wisconsin, USA reading The Girl In The Ice! (Photo kindly sent in by Lena Anderson)

Here are some questions and discussion points to use for discussing The Girl in the Ice for your book club or book group;

1. The Girl in The Ice features many characters. Who did you sympathise with most? Which character do you feel you resemble the most?

2. Who did you think killed Andrea Douglas-Brown? Did you guess who the murderer was before they were revealed?

3. Do you think DCI Erika Foster’s actions during the investigation were justified, or did you think she behaved recklessly?

4. What main ideas and themes does the author explore in the book?

5. Have you read any other books by this author, if so how does this book compare? Does The Girl In The Ice inspire you to read more from this author?