Second drafts, and Erika Foster large print paperbacks

I’m in deadline mode. This is when I get up super early in the morning, write like crazy, and try to finish before 3pm. This is the first day I’ve managed to finish early which is rare. I was going to have a crack at making soda bread, but I decided instead to write this blog post.

I went on a publicity tour to the U.S last month, visiting Seattle and Los Angeles, which was wonderful, and then it was so exciting to see Nine Elms published at the beginning of November. It’s the first book in my new Kate Marshall series, and earlier in the year I realised I had to start the second book in the series, Shadow Sands, before Nine Elms was published. If I left it any later the pressure would be too much.

So, I wrote a long and exciting first draft of Shadow Sands over the summer. I left it alone for a couple of months, then came back to it. I’m not a plotter. You won’t find me posting pictures with white boards and coloured-coded post-its. Part of me wishes I could do that, but I’ve tried it in the past and it hasn’t worked. I have to write a first draft by the seat of my pants, which keeps things pacy and exciting. I’m now working through the second draft of Shadow Sands and I plan to have it done by Christmas. I’ve also decided to give up sugar at the same time (hence the soda bread baking plan). In the past, deadline-mode has also been when I eat huge amounts of sugar, and almost put myself into a diabetic coma and have to go up two jeans sizes. So far, the sugar diet is kind of working, but I’m still having a glass of wine in the evening, which makes me think I’m not doing it properly.

The summers here in Slovakia are hot and gorgeous, and having hot and gorgeous weather everyday makes it difficult to work. I much prefer writing when the weather is cold. Having a cosy office to work in when it snows, with views out over the woods, is my favourite time.

I wanted to write this post to say thank you to everyone who has read Nine Elms, got in contact and/or written a review. The first two weeks of November were crazy and exciting. Nine Elms was published in the USA, UK, Italy, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Portugal and Russia and I’ve included the covers below. I’m also in touch with the brilliant translator of my Dutch editions, and she is working on the translation of Nine Elms, and I hope that it with be published in The Netherlands in early summer. There are also quite a few more territories in the pipeline, so I can hopefully share more exciting news with you soon.

One project that I’ve also been working on, and that I’m excited to tell you about is large print paperback editions of the Erika Foster series, Coco Pinchard series, and my standalone romantic comedy Miss Wrong and Mr Right. I suffer from a degenerative eye disease called Keratoconus, which makes my vision blurred unless I wear special corrective glasses or contacts. It’s where the lens of the eye slowly thins, and the eye changes shape causing distorted vision. I’m lucky to be able to wear glasses, and I get on with it, and try not to think too much about it. I can make the font bigger on my computer screen and eReader and large print paperback editions are great to have, and mostly found in libraries.

I asked my publisher, Bookouture-Hachette if they were planning to produce large print editions of the Erika Foster books, and they weren’t, but they were great and gave me back the rights to publish my own editions. They are now available to buy through my own imprint, Raven Street Publishing. I started this imprint last year, and I publish all of my Coco Pinchard books in eBook, paperback and audio, the audio edition of Miss Wrong and Mr Right and now my whole back catalogue of books in large print paperback. 

You can order the large print copies worldwide through Amazon, Waterstones, The Book Depository, Barnes and Noble and through independent bookstores (links to stores are all the bottom of my website).

Also, if you are a librarian, or work in a library, you can order my large print editions worldwide through Ingrams and Gardners.  Also please feel free to get in touch on the ‘contact me’ tab above if you have any questions.

Also a big thank you to Henry Steadman, Emma Rogers and Jane Dixon-Smith for all the large print covers, and Rachel Amphlett for her advice throughout the process. 

So, that’s all for now. I’m off to have a crack at making soda bread, or perhaps I’ll just pour myself a glass of wine. Until next time, Rob x

Update: I made the soda bread! 🙂