One million Erika Foster books sold!

I’m so proud and excited to announce that the first two Erika Foster novels, The Girl in the Ice and The Night Stalker have sold over a million copies! I heard from my editor at Bookouture last week, with the precise figure of 1,003,000!


I never dreamed I would be lucky enough to sell so many copies of my debut crime novel and its sequel. A massive THANK YOU to all my amazing readers, to all of the book bloggers and reviewers who have been instrumental in making this happen, and to the brilliant team at Bookouture!

I’m just in the final stages of editing Dark Water, the third Erika Foster novel, which will be published on October 20th, and there is nothing like hearing you’ve sold a million copies to spur you on to write the best book that you can!


Bookouture - One million copies Press Release - FINAL-1 (dragged)

2Bookouture - One million copies Press Release - FINAL-1 (dragged) 1

Thanks a million, literally 😉 Rob xxx


About Robert Bryndza

Robert Bryndza is the author of the international #1 bestseller The Girl in the Ice, which is the first in his Detective Erika Foster series. The Night Stalker, Dark Water and Last Breath are the second, third, and fourth books in the series, and the fifth book, Cold Blood has just been published. Robert's books have sold over 2 million copies and have been translated into 27 languages. In addition to writing crime fiction, Robert has published a bestselling series of romantic comedy novels. He is British and lives in Slovakia. You can find out more about the author at and on Twitter and Instagram @RobertBryndza Sign up to Robert Bryndza‘s New Release Mailing List here: (Simply cut-and-paste that address into your browser. Your email will never be shared and you will only be contacted when a new book is out.)
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3 Responses to One million Erika Foster books sold!

  1. Kathi says:

    Congratulations! Now, write more!!! HURRY!!! Your fans are waiting! 🙂


  2. Jan says:

    Absolutely chuffed for you Robert – can’t wait for Dark Waters – I know it will be as good as the previous two, which I loved!


  3. Teresal.monroe says:



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