I had that wonderful feeling today of finishing something. The something in question being The Night Stalker, the sequel to The Girl In The Ice.

TheNightStalker copy

Over the past few weeks and months, the book has gone through various stages of being finished; the first draft is always a milestone, then there’s the second and third drafts, where the first draft you were so proud of splits at the seams, falls apart, and is then stitched back together. Then there are several rounds of editing and proofing.

It’s an odd feeling to get the book back after a first round of copy edits, covered in someone else’s thoughts and opinions. I often feel rage, and shout things like, How dare she suggest that heat ‘radiates’ off tarmac. I wrote that it ‘resonates’ and I like that! But I’ve been lucky to work with great editors and they are almost always right. Editors really look at your manuscript and ask questions like, Does a toilet flushing really sound like that? Isn’t Uxbridge in West London? No, you don’t take the A23 to get there. My Mother is a dental assistant, and she’s never dropped anything down a patient’s throat. I’m also reminded just how bad my grammar can be. My favourite note from an editor was, “However impressive a penis, it doesn’t need a capital P!

Today I reached another couple of milestones, I saw the final ebook version, and had a meeting with the actor who is about to start recording the audiobook. It now really feeling like it’s finished.


I started writing The Night Stalker at the end of last year, and writing it throughout of the wonderful and amazing things which have happened with The Girl In The Ice has been a bit terrifying. I find writing hard, and writing a book can be a bit of an emotional journey filled with highs, and lows, and I’m always sad and excited to let go of a book. Sad that I no longer get to inhabit the characters, and live through the story with them, and excited that readers finally get to see it!

Sometimes I pinch myself that I am a writer. I pinch myself at the luck I’ve had, and I pinch myself that I have all of you wonderful readers! Thank you!


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