The ice isn’t thawing…

It’s two weeks since The Girl In The Ice was published, and I’ve been overwhelmed with the response to the book and my new female detective, Erika Foster. The kindle edition has gone into the top 100 in America, Australia, Canada, France and Spain, and is currently sitting at number 2 in the UK Kindle store. SO close!

After being an indie author for the past few years, this has been my first book with publishing house Bookouture, and I have loved the experience working with their wonderful team. For the first time my books are available in the Apple Books and Kobo stores, and there is also an audiobook version.

I’ve been hard at work, writing the next book in the Erika Foster series, which is called The Night Stalker. It is now written and going through the editing stage. I wanted to shake things up with the second book. I can’t go into to too much detail, but the story involves a killer who breaks into people’s houses at night… In contrast to the first book, this is set during a heatwave in the summer, when people leave their windows open. The crazy thing is that when I wrote The Girl In The Ice, it was during a heatwave last summer, and now I’m writing about a heatwave, the weather here has been minus 10. There has been deep snow and the lake where we walk our dogs has been frozen – talk about timing.

The boy on the ice - larking about on the frozen lake!
The boy on the ice – standing on the frozen lake


The girl on the ice – our puppy Lola with us on the frozen lake

Thank you for all your messages, tweets and reviews. I have loved hearing all your feedback on the first book, and it has really helped to know what you liked about Erika as I’ve been writing the next book, and the planned release is May/June 2016 so I will keep you posted.


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