Video post – Rob reads from Miss Wrong and Mr Right

Hello everyone, this weeks blog post is more of a Vlog post – For the first video to my new YouTube channel, I thought I would read an extract from Miss Wrong and Mr Right…


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Doggies love the funniest things

It’s thirty-four degrees in Slovakia today. The mercury has been hovering here for the past week, and the heat has seeped into our flat and set up home in the walls. We say every year that we’ll invest in air conditioning, but we always have excuses; it‘s too expensive, we’d have to keep the windows and balcony shut, it dries out your nose, the dogs will be cold when they have their summer fur cut, we’d have a huge ugly box on the balcony, the neighbours might think we have something worth stealing if we go upmarket and have aircon…

So I was pleased to be woken at three in the morning by a rumbling, cracking which sounded like the sky ripping in two. It was accompanied by lightning and then pounding rain. Great, I thought, a storm will cool things down. The windows shook, and a cool gust of wind came roaring through the flat from the open balcony door.

Our dogs, Ricky and Lola, who are senstive to all sorts of noises, barely opened their little eyes and went back to sleep. Perhaps they sensed the storm was meant to happen, it was nature taking its course, and cooling us all down? Who knows, I wish they could talk. The storm played out like a banging, crashing symphony, and then our neighbour across the hall, who seems to enjoy riding up and down in the lift at all hours, turned the key in his lock and the dogs went berserk.

Ricky and Lola do react to the oddest noises. They are obsessed with the sound of a cork popping out of a wine bottle (and before you ask, we’re not opening wine day and night) they leap about excitedly almost turning somersaults, and only calm down when they are allowed to chew up the cork and spit it out all over the carpet. In fact, we now have to cut the cork in two so they have an equal part each, which keeps them quiet and is a good excuse to finish the bottle.

Old toilet rolls are also a doggy hit in our house. All you have to do is pretend you are looking at them through a telescope and they bark and yip with delight, of course then the toilet roll has to be handed over for more chewing up and spitting out.

Empty 1.5 litre plastic bottles are another cause for excitement. Ricky always appears as the last dregs of a bottle are poured into a glass. He’ll stand up on his back legs and gently take it in his mouth, lie down and chew off the lid, handing it to Lola who waits patiently beside him, then she’ll happily play with it for the next hour, throwing it in the air.

This all begs the question, why do we spend so much on toys for the dogs? They are so spoilt, with numerous boss-eyed squeaky animals, bouncy balls, ropes to pull on, a fluffy pink flamingo which Lola beheaded and then left for dead behind the wardrobe. It‘s old plastic bottles, toilet rolls and corks which provide the real thrills for the puppies in our house. Maybe we should save our money and invest in some decent air conditioning!


Ricky left, Lola on the right…


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Coco Pinchard Meets Angela Marsons

I am thrilled to welcome my first returning author on Coco Pinchard Meets. I last caught up with the fabulous Angela Marsons on the eve of publication for her debut thriller Silent Scream. This book was one of my favourite reads this year, so I knew when the next novel in the series was released I had to invite her back…



The fabulous Angela Marsons

Coco: Hello Angela, how lovely to see you again! As you are my first returning author, I feel I have to up my game second time around with the baked goods… so in honour of you being a best selling crime writer with Silent Scream, I’ve baked a death by chocolate. I can also make you any kind of fizzy drink in the soda stream. Although today I should re-christen it the Soda Scream… Sorry that’s an awful pun… what can I get you?

Angela: Hi Coco, I am truly honoured to be back and thank you so much for asking me. Your baked goods are second to none and I am looking forward to getting stuck into that death by chocolate. And I thought the Soda Scream pun was funny. Do you mind if I talk with my mouth full?

Coco: Please do, but to give you some time to chew, I’ll just re-cap all that’s happened in the three months since we last met. Your debut novel Silent Scream shot straight to the top of the charts and has stayed there, becoming a massive number one bestseller in the UK, USA and around the world, foreign rights have been sold and you’ve signed an eight book deal with Bookouture. I’m so pleased for you! What has been the best thing about this success?

Cover Photo


Angela: The last three months have been unbelievable and far more than I could ever have imagined in my wildest dreams. I was always unsure how people would take to Kim, especially after the major publishers felt she wasn’t warm enough. But the reaction to her personality has been amazing. I know she’s not always likeable but readers have ‘got’ her and are behind her and that has been inspirational. I think the best thing is the personal messages I’ve received from people who have been touched by aspects of the book or Kim herself. That has been truly humbling.

Coco: Your sequel to Silent Scream, Evil Games is out now. What can we expect in this second DI Kim Stone novel?




Angela: Kim is busy tying up a case of sexual abuse whilst playing a cat and mouse game with a female sociopath who is using her psychiatric patients for experimental purposes. It’s a bit intense.

Coco: I hear also that there are a total of eight DI Kim Stone books planned, is this true?

Angela: Yes it is true. I am lucky enough that my fabulous publishers asked me if I’d like to sign on for another four and I was over the moon to do so. I wouldn’t want to be taking this journey with anyone else.

Coco: How is the death by chocolate going down? Another slice?

Angela: I thought you’d never ask. Did my constant stare at it give me away?

Coco: I’m glad you like it. Right, If you had the chance to pick, who do you think could play Kim Stone in a TV or film version of your series?

Angela: My total dream actress for Kim Stone is Kate Beckinsale. I think she is tremendously talented and her attitude in the Underworld film series would be perfect. Incidentally, my choice for Bryant would be Bradley Walsh.


Kate Beckinsale as DI Kim Stone

Coco: That’s so interesting to hear that, but I see how good she would be, Bradley Walsh too. Now, I have to ask – what is book three about?


Bradley Walsh as Bryant

Angela: Book three is an intense kidnapping situation where friendship is pushed to the limits. There may also be a male version of Kim somewhere in there which should make for interesting reading!

Coco: The pen is mightier than the sword, and I’ve heard lots of crime writers say they enjoy using people from real life in their books, and killing them off. Do you ever do this? If yes, you should meet my mother in law Ethel… You are welcome to hideously murder her in one of your future books!

Angela: I haven’t yet but I’m not going to rule it out. There are a few reviewers on Amazon that might fictionally feature one day! We must talk about Ethel in more detail at a later date and discuss just what unfortunate end you’d like.

Coco: I’ve made a few lists myself in the past, so I’ll look them out for you! Thank you so much Angela, it’s been fab to meet you again, and best of luck with Evil Games!

Angela: Thank you for asking me and this time I bought my own Tupperware tub for the leftovers. If you don’t mind!!


Evil Games is out now, and can be downloaded at the links below;


The greater the Evil, the more deadly the game…

When a rapist is found mutilated in a brutal attack, Detective Kim Stone and her team are called in to bring a swift resolution. But, as more vengeful killings come to light, it soon becomes clear that there is someone far more sinister at work.

With the investigation quickly gathering momentum, Kim finds herself exposed to great danger and in the sights of a lethal individual undertaking their own twisted experiment.

Up against a sociopath who seems to know her every weakness, for Detective Stone, each move she makes could be deadly. As the body count starts to mount, Kim will have to dig deeper than ever before to stop the killing. And this time – it’s personal.

The rising star of the British thriller scene returns with a novel that enthrall fans of Rachel Abbott, Val McDermid and Mark Billingham.

Download your copy at the links below;







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Tilly Tennant – Mishaps in Millrise Blog Tour

I’m really pleased to be hosting author Tilly Tennant on her Mishaps in Millrise blog tour. Here is a short interview I did with Tilly when she stopped by…Little Acts of Love Tour Banner 1

photo (9)

1. Mishaps in Millrise is your new series based on your wonderful Christmas novella Mishaps and Mistletoe. What made you want to continue the story with these characters?

The characters received such a positive reaction that I realised people must really like them. They inhabit Millrise, like the characters from Hopelessly Devoted to Holden Finn and The Man Who Can’t Be Moved, but unlike those characters, Phoebe, Jack and Maria didn’t really have enough time for us to get to know them properly in Mishaps and Mistletoe. There seemed a lot of story left to tell, as where we are at the end of the Christmas novella is really only the beginning for them. I wanted to explore what might happen to them after that story, and it seemed other people wanted me to as well, so it was only natural I should bring them back.

2. You are releasing the story in four parts. What can we expect from Part 1: Little Acts of Love?

little acts of love Liv's edit-page-0

Little Acts of Love sees Jack and Phoebe in the first flush of a new relationship. They’re still getting used to one another and settling down but and as well as the good parts, they’re also discovering the not so good parts of being together. Once family gets involved even the most blissful relationships can get tricky. Not only that, but Phoebe wants to move on with her life in other ways too, after being stuck for so much of the previous year following the death of her last boyfriend. She wants to make the most of the new start life has offered her. Part one of the story is about beginnings and new beginnings.

3. And the next question is, how long do we have to wait for the next three parts?!

Just Like Rebecca, which is part 2, is scheduled for June 18th. It’s available for pre-order now. Scarily, parts 3 and 4 are still works in progress, but we’re expecting them to be available some time in July and August. So there’s lots of pressure to get them finished and edited! Luckily I quite like working under pressure!


4. Do you put any of your personality traits into your characters?

I suspect there is more of me in many of my characters than I would realise or admit to. I probably can’t help it. I don’t do it deliberately, but sometimes I do ask myself what my reaction to a situation would be, and then I try to put that in the context of the personality of the character I’m writing. In that respect, I suppose there is a bit of me in there.

5. Have you, like Phoebe, ever worked in a toyshop like the one in the story?

Hendry’s is actually based on a shoe shop I once worked in, so not quite toys! It’s a really well known shop in the town where I live that has hardly changed for decades but people love it. We sold shoes for old ladies with bunions. I had such a laugh working there, even though it sounds grim, because my colleagues were all about my age (I was in my early twenties) and we got up to lots of mad antics when the customers weren’t looking. Hendry’s is bigger, but it’s got a similar feel and it’s family owned, just like the one I worked in.

6. Where do you do you write? Do you have an office, or do you prefer a spot on the sofa, or at the kitchen table?

I have a dining room table, a table at my local Costa, curled up in my favourite armchair, a bench in the grounds of my day job… pretty much anywhere I can fit half an hour of writing in! It’s such a part of my life now that I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure I write something no matter how busy I am.

7. And finally, what’s Tilly Tennant got up her sleeve for us in the future?

Collapsing in a heap! Right now I’m concentrating on getting this series finished. I have another finished novel which I’m holding onto at the moment because I know it needs lots of work to make it right, but I hope to release that early in 2016. All I can say about that right now is that you can expect a sprinkling of magic! I also have plans for a new Christmas story. I think that should keep me good for a little while!

little acts of love Liv's edit-page-0


Mishaps in Millrise – a four-(novella)-part romantic spin-off from Mishaps and Mistletoe

If you’re new to the town of Millrise, then come and meet the residents. If you fell in love with Phoebe and Jack last Christmas in Mishaps and Mistletoe, then you’ve just been invited to the best reunion ever…

Little Acts of Love: Mishaps in Millrise Part 1

Almost five months have passed since Phoebe and Jack first met in the grotto of a drunken Santa at Hendry’s toy store in Millrise. Since then, Jack and his adorable daughter, Maria, have turned Phoebe’s life around. As she and Jack get closer, Phoebe decides it’s time to put her stagnating career back on track too, which means going for a big promotion at work.

But nothing is ever simple in the strange little world of Hendry’s, and Phoebe is soon wishing she’d stayed on the tills. At home, things aren’t much better as the couple brace themselves to meet their respective in-laws. It’s clear from the start that making friends and influencing people has never been harder. And to make it worse, Phoebe must compete for the affection of Jack’s parents with the perfect girlfriend and mother – who’s been dead for five years…


Tilly Tennant was born in Dorset, the oldest of four children, but now lives in Staffordshire with a family of her own. After years of dismal and disastrous jobs, including paper plate stacking, shop girl, newspaper promotions and waitressing (she never could carry a bowl of soup without spilling a bit), she decided to indulge her passion for the written word by embarking on a degree in English and creative writing, graduating in 2009 with first class honours. She wrote her first novel in 2007 during her first summer break at university and has not stopped writing since. She also works as a freelance fiction editor, and considers herself very lucky that this enables her to read many wonderful books before the rest of the world gets them.

As part of the blog tour Tilly is also running a giveaway which you can enter here;


2nd & 3rd PRIZE –Ecopy of book

The competition is open internationally
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Coco Pinchard Meets… Robert Bryndza



Coco: Hello Robert, how lovely to see you. Do come in. Now, I’ve just bought a new coffee machine – it’s got an integrated bean grinder, a steam arm and I’m dying to make someone a coffee. What would you like; cappuccino, macchiato, espresso?

Robert: Ooh, I think I’ll have a macchiato, please.

Coco: Okay… Right…

Robert: Everything okay there?

Coco: Yes, although I do have to ask, what exactly is a Macchiato?

Robert: Good question… It’s quite small, and strong.

Coco: Okay, well I’ll just do what I’d do when I make a cappuccino, but put it in a smaller cup.

Robert: Super.

Coco: And would you like a slice of my Victor/Victoria sponge? The top layer is vanilla, the bottom is chocolate.

Robert: Thank you.

Coco: It’s great to be talking to you today, Rob. For those of us don’t know you yet, would you like to say a few words to introduce yourself?

Robert: Right, well I’m an author.

Coco: Yes.

Robert: A best selling author, if you’re pushing for more…

Coco: Yes, but what exactly is it that you write?

Robert: Books, of course…

Coco: About who?

Robert: Shouldn’t that be whom?

Coco: Cut the crap Bryndza! Your books are all about ME! The Not So Secret Emails of Coco Pinchard, Coco Pinchard’s Big Fat Tipsy Wedding… all told in email form using MY emails!

Robert: In my defence, your password was very easy to hack into. In fact it was, ‘Password’

Coco: And what about Coco Pinchard, The Consequences of Love and Sex?

Robert: Thanks, if you’re going to plug all of them, don’t forget the Christmas novella, A Very Coco Christ

Coco: I’m not plugging them, and how did you get hold of my old diaries?

Robert: I got your diaries from a charity shop in Catford. They were donated by a foul mouthed little old lady eating a pickled egg.

Coco: Ethel…

Robert: I didn’t catch her name… Look Coco, Cokes.

Coco: I think under the circumstances you should call me Coco…

Robert: Coco. I thought I’d done a deal with your agent, Angie, cutting you in on the royalties?

Coco: Well, yes you did. 

Robert: She told me you could do with the money, and that you were saving up for a tractor to use on the farm?

Coco: Yes, I didn’t anticipate life on a farm! I’ve gone from John Galliano to John Deere… Okay, fine.


The Coco Pinchard series

Robert: Great, so can we get back to the interview? Why don’t you ask me about my new book like you do with all the other authors who stop by…

Coco: Ok. Your new novel, Miss Wrong and Mr Right sounds interesting. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Robert: It’s a romantic comedy, and tells the story of Natalie who is due to marry her childhood sweetheart, Jamie. At the last minute she panics and leaves him at the altar. The action then jumps forward fifteen years, and we see how her life has turned out. She’s living in Soho in London with an awful boyfriend, but she’s become very successful in her work life, running a theatre in the West End. Then Jamie appears on the scene and opens a theatre opposite, and becomes her business rival…


Coco: Where do you get your ideas from, when you’re not nicking them, that is?

Robert: Ha! Well, my first writing job was a play for the Edinburgh Festival. Our director was from The Soho Theatre in London, and I spent a lot of time rehearsing there. As well as being a wonderful venue, I got to see what a fabulous place the theatre can be for Drama – often what goes on backstage is much more interesting. There is also a bit of myself in the book. Like Natalie, I grew up in the country and then came to live in London. Although, unlike her, I haven’t left a boy called Jamie at the altar…

Coco: Natalie’s Gran, Anouska is a very interesting character…

Robert: Yes, she’s Hungarian and maintains that her family fled the Nazi’s during the war (although the truth is that they actually got a lift with an SS Officer on his way to the shops). Anouska hates life in the country and is the catalyst for Natalie leaving Devon after her failed wedding.

Coco: How do feel about being a man who writes women’s fiction?

Robert: I never set out to write in this genre. I just wanted to write great funny books. As more people started to take interest in my books I found they were being classed as Women’s Fiction. This is fine with me, it’s a great genre to write in.

Coco: And finally – can you tell us a bit about what you’re working on at the moment? What can we look forward to?

Robert: You haven’t sent any more of your old diaries to the charity shop by mistake? I could do with another Christmas novella!

Coco: The cheek!

Robert: I’m just in the early stages of starting another book… but that’s all I’ll say for now.

Coco: Thank you so much Robert, it’s been fab to meet you. Would you like me to pop a couple of slices of Victor/Victoria sponge in your rucksack, for the journey home?

Robert: So, all is forgiven?

Coco: I suppose so, and you need to take some of this cake off my hands or I’ll polish off the whole lot!

Robert: Thank you. It was lovely to finally meet you Coco!


Miss Wrong and Mr Right is out now, and available to download from Amazon;


Natalie Love has worked hard to have it all: she runs a successful theatre in Soho that’s about to host one of Hollywood’s leading stars. Her biggest supporter is her eccentric Hungarian Gran, and she even has the ‘perfect’ yoga teacher boyfriend – Namaste!

Life in the bright lights of London has always been Natalie’s escape from her chaotic country family in rural Devon and Jamie, the childhood sweetheart she left at the altar 15 years ago. And then he turns up at her theatre door…

With rivalry clouding old feelings, events in Soho bring Jamie and Natalie together in hilarious ways. Gran is loose in the city once more, it seems to be raining sandwiches and records are broken for Burlesque flash mobs. If she can keep her world together, will Natalie discover who is really Mr Right, and that perhaps she isn’t Miss Wrong?

A delightful new romantic comedy, from the author of the best-selling Coco Pinchard series.

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

Amazon Australia

Amazon Canada

You can also enter the Rafflecopter giveaway to win a £50/$50 Amazon gift voucher. All you need to do is share details of the Miss Wrong and Mr Right book launch below;

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Coco Pinchard Meets… Cathy Bramley


Cathy BWCoco: Hello Cathy, how lovely to see you. Do come in. Can I tempt you with a nice piece of coffee and walnut sponge? And would you like tea or coffee? 


Cathy: Hello Coco, nice to see you too! How clever of you; coffee and walnut cake is my favourite and I’m a caffeine addict, so strong coffee please!


Coco: Strong coffee coming right up. It’s super to be talking to you today. For those who don’t know you yet, would you like to say a few words to introduce yourself?


Cathy: I live in Nottinghamshire with my best friend (aka my husband) who has perfected the art of looking interested in my latest writing dilemma whilst simultaneously studying his Sky at Night magazine. I have two teenage daughters who pull ‘ah-isnt-she-cute’ faces at each other when I sing along to eighties songs or say things like ‘This cake is THE BOMB’. And I have a dog, Pearl who loves me unconditionally, but especially when I get cheese out of the fridge.


Coco: I’ve really been hooked in by your best selling serialised novels Ivy Lane and Appleby Farm, and I love the anticipation and waiting for the next part to arrive on my Kindle. In the past Charles Dickens and Stephen King have both serialised their work, but not many authors choose this way to tell their stories. What made you decide to tell your stories in this way? 


Cathy: I am addicted to TV series that leaving you shouting ‘Nooo!’ at the screen when the episode is over and you have to wait another week to find out what happens. I thought it would be fun to write a book in the same format. I don’t just write a book and chop it into four parts, I write it as a series.


Coco: In your books you set the scene so beautifully Appleby Farm, Ivy Lane alloments, these are such wonderful idyllic places.  Do you live in a town or in the country? 


Cathy: I grew up in Birmingham which is a big city and I loved it, but now I live in a small village which at the moment is surrounded by farmland. There are plans afoot though sadly, so that might change.


Coco: What’s your writing regime? Do you plan out your books with flow charts and mood boards, or do a write by the seats of your pants?


Cathy: I plan meticulously before I start writing. I like to have my character’s motivation and goals nailed before I begin. The setting is very important to me too, so I have a pin board above my desk and I always decorate it with pictures of the main characters and key locations in the book.


Coco: Are you a cat or a dog person? 


Cathy: I believe you can be both. We had cats, two brothers called Dennis and Beano, when we got married, before we had children. They lived until they were fifteenish and we adored them. Now we have a dog, Pearl. She is a cockerpoo and incredibly sweet, she is more like a member of the family than an animal.


Coco: And finally – can you tell us a bit about what you’re working on at the moment?


Cathy: At the moment I am working on a new serial called Wickham Hall which will be published in four parts from this Summer. It is about a girl called Holly Swift who gets her dream job as an events organiser at an Elizabethan stately home but she soon finds that the future of the hall is in jeopardy and sets out to do something about it. As she gets drawn into the lives of Lord and Lady Fortescue, Wickham Hall’s owners, she discovers secrets about her own family that her mother has kept hidden away for thirty years. Holly is faced with a dilemma: finding the truth might lose her that dream job and break her heart in the process.

I’ve done the first round of edits and I’m now working on the cover design with the team at Transworld. I’m very excited about this book and can’t wait for readers to meet Holly and the cast of characters at Wickham Hall.


Coco: How fab, another series to look forward to! Thank you so much Cathy, it’s been great to meet you.


Cathy: You’re very welcome, thank you for inviting me. Delicious cake by the way x


You can find out more about Cathy and her books at; and you can follow her on Twitter @CathyBramley

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Announcing my next book! – Miss Wrong and Mr Right

I’m thrilled and excited to reveal the title and cover of my next book… Miss Wrong and Mr Right. 


Natalie Love has worked hard to have it all: she runs a successful theatre in Soho that’s about to host one of Hollywood’s leading stars. Her biggest supporter is her eccentric Hungarian Gran, and she even has the ‘perfect’ yoga teacher boyfriend – Namaste!

Life in the bright lights of London has always been Natalie’s escape from her chaotic country family in rural Devon and Jamie, the childhood sweetheart she left at the altar 15 years ago. And then he turns up at her theatre door…

With rivalry clouding old feelings, events in Soho bring Jamie and Natalie together in hilarious ways. Gran is loose in the city once more, it seems to be raining sandwiches and records are broken for Burlesque flash mobs. If she can keep her world together, will Natalie discover who is really Mr Right, and that perhaps she isn’t Miss Wrong?

From bestselling author Robert Bryndza comes this hilariously heartfelt comedy!



I’ve had a ball writing this book, and I hope I’ve created new characters you can root for and fall in love with! Thank you for your continued support, my readers are an awesome bunch, and I am grateful to each and every one of you.

The expected publication date is the first week of May, and you can add Miss Wrong and Mr Right to your Goodreads bookshelf HERE  you can also join my new release mailing list HERE to be the first to know when Miss Wrong and Mr Right is published.

Have a fantastic day!

Rob x



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